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The following are the punishments for those involved in Ragging:

1.       Suspension from attending classes.

2.       Withholding/withdrawing Scholarships and other benefits.

3.       Debarring from appearing in any Test or Examination.

4.       Withholding Results.

5.       Debarring from representing the institution in any Meet, Tournament, Youth Festival, etc.

6.       Suspension/Expulsion from the Hostel.

7.       Cancellation of Admission.

8.       Rustication from the institution.

9.       Expulsion from the institution and Debarring from admission to any other institution.

10.   Filing FIR with the local police against those who RAG / ABET RAGGING.

At the time of admission an AFFIDAVIT has to be signed by the student promising non-involvement in ragging and by the parent assuring their awareness about the consequences of ragging, if their ward gets involved in it.

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